Monday, 26 September 2011


This is the section of my blog where I talk about tactics and there is a chess viewer underneath
with various tactics puzzles just look at the little rectangle at the bottom right of the viewer to see if its white or black move and try to see if you can guess the next move.
As we all should know tactics are the single most important way of improving chess play and that
means solving puzzles.
Recognizing these patterns is the key to improving and I play to include 2-3 hundred puzzles on this blog eventually .
The chess tactics tab at the top of the web page contains a viewer which has the all the puzzles I have added so far.


One of the best ways to ingrain tactics and tactical themes into your mind is to continuously go
over the same tactics over and over again until you have them firmly established in your mind.
Lets just say you have a set of 300 tactical puzzles you would go through over and over again until you have these patterns ingrained I plan to include 300 puzzles in the viewer for people to go through eventually.
Click on the tactics tab at the top to see all the puzzles I have collected so far

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